Strategic Plan

PZCMC has developed a Strategic Plan that captures the essence of our Consortium’s go to market strategy – to work with our high Technology partners to deliver advanced technology solutions to our Customers.

Key Highlights

1. Form an organization that will prioritize Research and Development resources from the Federal Government.

2. Functional Advisory Committee of Strategic Founders of the Consortium to provide non-binding strategic advice on technology roadmap alignment and partnerships - matching capabilities to requirements.

3. Obtain the land, facilities, and capitalization necessary for the company to grow and expand.

4. Partner with Universities to prepare for the future research in the sensor technology market segment.

5. Provide assistance to small business in the development of the technology ideas and generate the proposals necessary to compete and win programs for the already well-funded Federal Small Business Innovation and Research Grants initiatives.

6. Strengthen the Defense budget related to the critical sensor technology areas and match our core competencies to the future government customer needs so we can compete.

7. Jointly promote our products and services.

8. Develop the business case for any small business related to high technology and to justify the investment.

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